This is the 30 second promo for the first episode of the Fault Lines season, and part one of a two part series about the drug war in Mexico. Shot in Ciudad Juarez, it’s called “Impunity and Profits” and will air on June 13. As we prepare for the launch of this series, I’m thinking of the caravan making its way through some of the cities worst impacted by the war for drugs in Mexico, due to arrive in Juarez on June 10. The anti-drug war caravan is an initiative of Javier Sicilia, the Mexican journalist and poet whose son Juan Francisco was murdered in March. Independent journo Kristin Bricker is covering the caravan, and you can read her first dispatch here:

You can watch the episode at 2230 GMT (6:30pm EST) on June 13th on Al Jazeera English. More updates on the @AJFaultLines account and this Tumblr.