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Mexican drug-cartels’ new method for entering illegal substances in the U.S.


According to the D.E.A, 90 percent of drugs that enter the United States come in through Mexico. Recently, federal investigators uncovered a new method drug-cartels were using to move their illegal contrabands from Ciudad Juarez in Mexico into El Paso, Texas using innocent people. Univision correspondent Tifani Roberts traveled to the conflicted area to investigate and filed this report.

And heere’s our Fault Lines report on Juarez/El Paso (the June 11, 2011 season opener), “Mexico: Impunity and Profits.”

Not by coincidence, Juarez is also a model for the capitalist economy. Recruits for the drug war come from the vast, sprawling maquiladora – bonded assembly plants where, for rock-bottom wages, workers make the goods that fill America’s supermarket shelves or become America’s automobiles, imported duty-free. Now, the corporations can do it cheaper in Asia, casually shedding their Mexican workers, and Juarez has become a teeming recruitment pool for the cartels and killers. It is a city that follows religiously the philosophy of a free market.

“It’s a city based on markets and on trash,” says Julián Cardona, a photographer who has chronicled the implosion. “Killing and drug addiction are activities in the economy, and the economy is based on what happens when you treat people like trash.” Very much, then, a war for the 21st century. Cardona told me how many times he had been asked for his view on the Javier Sicilia peace march: “I replied: ‘How can you march against the market?’

Ed Vulliamy, “Cuidad Juarez is all our futures.  This is the inevitable war of capitalism gone mad” (via legalizeheroin)

(via legalizeheroin)