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It is important to remember that however plagued Somalia is, however routine conflict, drought and disease have become, however many Somalis have already needlessly died, Somalis are not somehow wired differently from the rest of us. They are not numb to suffering. They are not grief-proof. I’ll never forget the expression on Mr. Kufow’s face as he stumbled out of Benadir Hospital into the penetrating sunshine with his lifeless little girl in his arms. He may not have been weeping openly. But he looked as if he could barely breathe.

Jeffrey Gettleman, in a stunning piece in The New York Times on the crisis in Somalia. (via mercycorps)

Tonight’s new episode of Al Jazeera Fault Lines at 5:30p EST (watch online) focuses on how US policies affect Somalia’s drought, famine, and food insecurity. 

(via mercycorps)